Proposition 37, Are You For GMO Labeling or Against it?

This is an ongoing issue with donors on both sides so the numbers have already changed. The poster shows the updated numbers while the rest of the post remains the same. It’s good to see so many companies contributing on the side of changing the law in California.

 Tomorrow is voting day! Please read why it is so important to vote yes on Proposition 37 in California. Which side are you going to believe? We have a right to know what is in our food! Polls are looking negative so please, please, please if you live in California consider who is backing the ‘No on 37′ position. (Reuters)

I wonder what is important to you. Do you feel frustrated (or fus-ter-ated as my daughter says) by the utter prevalence of GMO’s, or do you not care? Genetically Modified Foods are everywhere and it is nearly impossible to avoid them.


In the upcoming election in California, there is a fight for and against Proposition 37: the initiative to label GMO’s. There is a lot of opposition to the proposed law. Continue reading

My Search for the Best RAW MILK from Grass Fed Cows

grass-fed raw milk labelI went raspberry picking at our dairy farm, which is 40 minutes away from our home. Since the commute is far, I try to spend more than 5 minutes there. It is breathtakingly beautiful, far away from civilization but still near enough to the road. Continue reading

Arsenic And (Old) Rice

rice products

Did you hear Consumer Union’s discovery last week that arsenic is found in rice? It feels like everywhere I turn, there is another bit of bad food news. I would have been happy if the headlines for The Stanford Study’ said ‘Organic Food Has Fewer Pesticides, therefore it’s healthier for you!’ I hate to think that my best bit of good news this past week was Maria Rodale’s Huffingpost article stating that the first long-term animal study was just released and, in fact, GMO corn is linked to serious health effects including liver and kidney damage, and mammary tumors. I know— that isn’t good news.


That’s not what this is about. This is about yet another story of the things that we eat that are poisoning us— especially, arsenic. Continue reading

Genetic Roulette Movie

Update: There is another free preview of this eye-opening film through October. Please take the time to watch it and share it. The film is about and 1:30 hours, but there is also a 10 minute version to pique your interest. Have you seen it yet?



I don’t usually do quick posts, but I would like this movie out to as many people as possible. It’s very important and talks all about GMO’s and the effects of them on our world.  Please take the time to watch it and share it. There is a free preview until September 22, 2012 and then it can be viewed for a minimum donation of $2.99. I definitely think it’s worth it if you haven’t seen it yet.

When you finish watching the film come back and share your thoughts with me.

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