My new website: My Free-Range Kid

I recently started homeschooling my daughter and so I thought I would write about our experiences but wanted to keep it separate from this website. If you are interested in our journey then you can pop over to my new site My Free-Range Kid. I even have a Facebook page for it! Because I’m inundated by this new venture it’s all I’m reading about these days. Don’t worry though (if you were!), I’ll get back into writing over here as soon as the dust settles.IMG_6253


6 thoughts on “My new website: My Free-Range Kid

  1. So interested in hearing the progress,,
    I think this is admirable and brave.
    When I was in school I was different and my abilities were never reinforced! Oh my wish to be a Free-Range Kid.

    • Thanks Ray!

      Who knows how we would all be different if we were free-range kids. Here’s to a new generation and may they be awesome!

      Thanks for commenting.

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