About lyzamay

I began writing essays for Chic Shades of Green in 2011. The pieces reflect my search to find a balance between a lifestyle that is green— wholesome nutrition, nurturing my family and respect for the environment, with overcoming the obstacles in my way— money, my husband’s differing views and my own hang ups about leaving the city behind, while holding onto my individuality. Since being a wife and mother, writing, research, and healthy living are some of my most endless passions, these essays make it all fit together seamlessly all this while maintaining my wardrobe— or at least as close to it as possible.

My new website: My Free-Range Kid

I recently started homeschooling my daughter and so I thought I would write about our experiences but wanted to keep it separate from this website. If you are interested in our journey then you can pop over to my new site My Free-Range Kid. I even have a Facebook page for it! Because I’m inundated by this new venture it’s all I’m reading about these days. Don’t worry though (if you were!), I’ll get back into writing over here as soon as the dust settles.IMG_6253


Walk Out Wal-Mart— Black Friday and Every Day

My daughter and I were driving to school this morning. She likes to look out the window and make observations. “Lots of stores like to put signs in their windows to get people to go in and it’s not even true,” she said. Sounds like I have talked with her about deception in marketing. She mentioned a local grocery store’s logo, “Simply The Best” she said, “It isn’t even true, mommy.” She is so right, that store is full of processed junk food— and anything organic or “healthy” in there has the price jacked up.

Then she mentioned, Wal-Mart. Oh, Wal-Mart, how I hate you.

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The Hostess With The— Oh Scratch That, They’re Bankrupt.

Wow, Hostess has gone out of business. It’s an end of an era. Every bit of good news is mixed with some bad; ultimately it left 18,500 employees out of a job. I wish them all well. Taking the low road, the corporation put the blame on its’ striking unionized workers. Let it be known that while workers’ pay was cut, their pensions stopped, and their health insurance premiums increased executives were getting huge bonuses. Internet buzz blames it on the unions though, but the unions didn’t want to see their workers losing out on anymore. All that aside…
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